Despite how beautiful or thrilling experiences that you can get from a town, the lack of appealing restaurants to grab some delicacies will always bring down its ratings. Cirencester is a market town in Gloucestershire, England with a fantastic offer for the residents and visitors. A walk in the streets within the central part of the city is a chance to see new things. As people walk by slowly, you will notice entrepreneurs going about their daily activities. The types of businesses here range from jewellery stores, boutiques, antique shops and above all restaurants. With the residents originating from different parts of the world, the array of cuisines is vast. Read on to find some of the most famous spots to visit.

The Falcon

Although the world is continuously running on wheels of change, and people would prefer to get a new menu from the chef each day, the heritage of the British is here to stay. The Falcon restaurant is one of the top spots that offer local cuisines to its customers. If you would love to try out dishes introduced so many years ago, then it should be your number one choice. Lately, it has also ventured in European a few Indian words.

Malt And Anchor

The best deal you can ever get from a restaurant is when it offers both food and drinks under one roof. Malt and Anchor understand these requirements, thus offering you the best. Its focus regarding food is on all types of seafood and a little bit of the British specialities. Also, vegetarians can find a haven as they have a wide range of meals to offer such clients. It is more of a fast-food joint, but the services are exceptional.

Piazza Fontana

For all pizza lovers, Piazza Fontana is the real deal. It is the bestselling pizza restaurant place in the region. Many other establishments are focusing on similar products, but they haven’t perfected the art as it is here. The choices of a pizza vary from Barbeque, Hawaiian, chicken and beef all made step by step as per the original Italian recipes. You can always get a treat to the juicy pizzas any time you pop in within the working hours. Furthermore, there are also vegetarian options for the chosen few if they wish.


Cirencester has a considerable number of Indian inhabitants living in the region. Their presence has led to the cropping up of restaurants serving the relevant dishes. However, this is not to mean that the Sultan is not open to other members outside the community. It is a fancy restaurant specialising in Indian delicacies. The majority of food options here is vegetable-based. The ambience is unique with soft music always playing in the background.


Rajdoot is another restaurant operating on a more or less manner to the Sultan. However, their range of cuisines is far much more comprehensive as they try to capture the Asian culture. Their menu comprises of items from India, Pakistan and Asia. Vegetarians can also have a treat here as the chefs are always ready to prepare everything that you could prefer.


Igloo is an international type of restaurant within the heart of the city with open doors to all customers. The kind of food served here is from all over the world. The staff are hospitable and patient to take you through the menus. If you want to find an ideal sitting location, ensure you call prior for reservations. Nevertheless, you will get treated to any dish or drink.

Most of the restaurants within Cirencester town welcome walk-ins while others you have to make an initial reservation. Nevertheless, the food is fantastic if you spot the location serving your specialities. If you are planning on moving to Cirencester then we have a great Cirencester moving service to help you get settled in.