Coate Water Country Park Is one of Swindon’s most picturesque parks. It’s very easy to see why if you take a look at any photos of Coate Water.

What is there to do at Coate Water? Well quite a lot actually. It does not matter if you’re out for a nice relaxing day with the partner or the family. Or if you’re really into your sports. There’s something at Coate Water for everyone. But first some history.

The park opened in 1822 so only in only a few short years Coate Water will celebrate its 200th year. In the early 1900’s Coate Water what shut down for some time and then in 1935 Mayor FT Hobbs  reopened Coate Water to the general public. To celebrate the occasion Cecile Cousins was invited to perform a dive from the top of a new diving platform as seen in the photo. And she aced it!

Boating in Coate Water

There are many clubs and colleges that make use of the lake for boating. If it’s pleasure, practice or racing that you’re into then joining one of the clubs is a grand idea. Unfortunately you do need to go through one of the clubs or schools. Public boating is not allowed anymore.

Food and Drink

While it’s not exactly a five star restaurant. There is a cafe at Coate Water. When you’re having a relaxing day around a reservoir you don’t exactly want to be dressed up for five star dining. You want to be relaxed and casual. So we will take the cafe any day!

Model Railway in Coate Water

There is a model Railway at Coate Water  and this is a perfect outing for the family and children on a warm summer’s day. There are a handful of small trains that you can ride on. It’s a perfect outing for railway fans.


There is a rumor that a 43lb common cop was pulled out of Coate Water. But yet again that is only a rumor. If you want to go fishing you should know that an extra ordinary level of patience is required to catch anything. The fish really don’t bite that much in Coate Water.

Before you go fishing make sure you visit the Rangers Activity Center to find out where you’re not supposed to fish.

Running and Walking in Coate Water

Being a nature reserve Coate Water is obviously full of nice surroundings. The grounds are very well kept and if you’re looking to go for a quiet walk around the lake then you have plenty of room to do so and lots of trails to follow.

And of course the same goes for running. If you like to start your morning with a run, or anytime of the day, you will find others jogging along enjoying the scenery while getting their exercise. There is even a weekly running group based in Coate Water called Shin Splints.

Hopefully our coverage of Coate Water got you the information that you were looking for. From all the staff at We Move and Clean we hope you have a pleasant at the park.

If you are in need of any removal services or Swindon carpet cleaning please let us know as we will be more than happy to provide you a quote. And while you wait for us to complete the job why not spend the day relaxing at Coate Water.