Why do you need to employ professional cleaning companies Swindon when you’re moving house? That’s a really good question. You might be a super-keen cleaner yourself, with the best collection of dusters ever assembled, but the one thing you’re short of when you’re moving house is time. In addition to that, a professional team will have access to equipment and cleaning materials that you can only dream of, as they’re not available to the general public. Finally, a professional team give you a vastly increased chance of getting 100% of your deposit back, every time.



Sound good? Of course it does. When you’re looking for cleaning companies Swindon, we’ve got the most comprehensive cleaning checklist you can imagine, and we’re not afraid to use it. We’ll say it again; that’s your deposit back at your old home, and a sparkling clean new home ready for you to move into. The last thing you want is to still be worrying about your old home when your head’s already in the new place; for example, if you’re moving 200 miles away and your old property needs recleaning due to dirt being tracked in during the move (we’ve got plenty to say about that, too!), that’s a delayed deposit whilst you arrange a reclean, plus all the logistical nightmares of sorting out a good cleaner halfway across the country.



We take a pride in our work, and we even like to video what we do for you to see that too. In fact, all we need from you is a cup of tea, and we’re good to go.

  • Do you clean for landlords as well as tenants? – we do, so if your previous tenants haven’t left your property quite as you’d want, give us a call and we’ll put it right for you.
  • When do you clean? – moving day is most practical, as this means that all of your furniture is out of the way and we can do an exceptionally thorough job without stopping to move the sofa. It also puts you in your old landlord’s good books, as the property is ready to let again immediately.



The Most Comprehensive Checklist Among Cleaning Companies Swindon


This needs a separate heading on its own as we’re so proud of the service we offer.

  • In the kitchen, we do all the things you hate, including getting the soap scum out of the washing machine, and cleaning the bin. We even include cleaning the oven in the price.
  • In the bathroom, we do the horrible jobs like de-scaling fittings (where possible); we even de-scale the toilet!
  • In your bedroom and lounge, you won’t recognise them after we’ve got them shining; woodwork and internal glazing framework (and external where possible!) are washed down, and if you’re an arachnophobe, never fear, as we’ll get those cobwebs for you too.


Some things cost extra, such as our carpet cleaning service, but we really think we go the extra mile for our customers. If you’ve got a deposit you need back when you move, give us a call today!