The museum is a unique type of establishment located in Cotswold town, Cirencester, England. It has stood through many years as it has artefacts ranging from as early as the Neolithic age going down to the Victorian season. With such a wide range of timing, you can expect a whole lot under one roof. A visit here is an experience that will leave you with so much information and realisations. The pieces came from the local community while a more significant portion is from a town nearby town embracing the roman culture, Corinium Dobunnorum. Situated the heart of Cirencester, its positioning makes it accessible to all residents and visitors.

The museum is operational all through the week. From Monday to Saturday, the hours run from 10 am to 5 pm while it’s from 2 pm to 5 pm on Sunday. Before admission, you have to purchase a ticket. The structure might look conventional, but you will discover the fantastic facts only when you look inside. It houses a variety of galleries showcasing different unique features. Some of the objects in the collections that are of utmost importance include groups under prehistory, Roman, Mosaics, Anglo Saxon, Medieval, Tudor, Costume, and Paper Ephemera. The list is endless.

Being home to the most extensive collections, Corinium Museum receives many guests all through the year. However, the Corona Virus pandemic saw it closing its doors to the public for some time. The management had to set in place safety measures before opening to ascertain the walk-ins’ safety and well-being. Fortunately, it is currently operational and in a much better program than before. Social distancing and wearing of masks is vital and expected of anyone. There has been a reduction in the number of people allowed to go in every time to enhance the government regulations and other Covid 19 guidelines. Everyone is allowed a maximum of two hours to go through the departments. The duration is sufficient to enable you to have a glimpse of everything that will interest you.

If you want to get the best of such visits, management recommends that you take a virtual tour prior. It is more or less like the real thing but just on a digital platform. The reason behind this advice is for you to optimise your time once you are ready to go to the museum. It is an exploration through all the medieval, Saxon, prehistoric, and Roman galleries. Additionally, it enlightens you further on the finer details of the collections. After watching the virtual tour, you probably could be wondering when is the best time to visit. Since the Corinium is more of an education domain, it has partnered with many schools within the region. For the better part of the morning to midday on the weekdays, school-going children flock the area to learn more about the data. Therefore, if you would love to have a quiet time walking and reflecting while feeding your eyes to the characters, the afternoon is the best time to go, precisely on the weekdays. On the other hand, weekends are a time for families, friends, and couples to visit. The place is equally busy on such days.

Apart from being a museum, Corinium hosts some of the annual events within the region. Some of these include Durston at 70, featuring the work of the renowned artist David Durston. Additionally is the spooky pumpkin trail and amazing adventure into discovering the historical facts of the museum. The events are open for people of all ages. If you plan to visit the museum, ensure you take advantage of the favourable times for you to get the best of your trip.