Newbury is a historic city located in England in Berkshire County. The city serves its visitors and residents to a beautiful market and timber view situated at its heart. The town dates back to the 16th century where it saw its first inhabitants. However, advancements in technology have led to its upgrading. The results have been an increase in population and also a spike in economic status. Opening its doors to the more significant England has consequently led to a price increment in almost every aspect of life. The cost of living in Newbury a few years back is not the same as what residents are paying now. Relatively, you can mark it at expensive. The below information will enlighten you on the pricing ranges in different aspects that sum up to this conclusion.

The first and most essential factors that no one can do without is food. There are eateries and restaurants with high ended and also cheap eats. Those who prefer to cook at home, how much much money do they require to make an ordinary meal? The prices included here are all for 1kg of the mentioned items. Tomatoes cost £1.67 while the potatoes go for £0.55. A bag of rice will have you part with £1.37 while a tray of eggs cost £2.31. With such pricing, making a meal for a single person becomes very costly. Households with more than five people use a considerable amount of money on food alone each month. Other items like fruits, precisely oranges and apples cost £1.45 and £1.63 consecutively. According to this statics, the average cost of a meal for one person in a restaurant would amount to £8.73. If you opt to go-to fast food joint selling items like fries and burgers, then the price goes lower up to £2.56. However, the quality of food and satisfaction you get is not similar.

Tourists coming to this town also feel the weight when they’re looking for accommodation. If you are aiming to stay in a luxury hotel, you will have to spare £177.65 for every night spent there. The price is exclusive of the meals and drinks that you will prefer to consume while at the premises. For the mid-range hotels, the prices get lower up to £115.27 and £113.61 for budget hotels. The quotations are a bit high making Newbury one of the most expensive cities in the world. Movement within the place also plays a huge factor in adding up these expenses. The cost of one litre of fuel is £1.22. The amount that you will spend is dependent on the kind of vehicle that you own. If you are using a taxi, the initial cost is £0.98, but this increases if you are going to cover a long distance.

Utilities are a part of everybody’s life, and this is not exceptional to Newbury. The cost of electricity per 1kWh is £0.13. It is one part where residents face huge bills each month. Despite all the expenses, people would want to engage in recreational activates like going to the park or watch a movie. A movie ticket will cost you up to £10.21, and this could increase if the film is a hit. If you want to grab a bottle of beer, ensure you have at least £1.50 for the local brands. Internet, which is like a basic need, now goes for at least 31.25 per month depending on the package or service provider that you choose.

As seen above, the cost of living in Newbury is way above average. Residents have to work twice hard if they want to achieve normalcy regarding their day to day life activities. If you are planning on relocating to Newbury we offer a great Newbury removals service.