Commercial office carpet cleaning service hire swindonWe have covered carpet cleaning and stain removal a few times on our blog. Today we are going to bring you some more tips and tricks on how to deal with your own carpet cleaning in a friendly and natural way.

So let’s jump right into it and explore a few tips that are going to help you get rid of germs and keep your home and carpets clean.

Baking Soda Carpet Cleaning Trick

Baking soda can be used to reduce bad smells and odors. It’s also very cheap to buy in bulk. Something you can Implement into your weekly cleaning routine is to simply sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet and wait a few minutes before beginning to vacuum.

This will help to eliminate any unpleasant smells you might have lingering in your carpet.

Herbal Fresh Carpets

If you’re a fan of smelling different herbs and spices then this method is for you.

What you want to do is mix a little bit of baking soda, a little bit of cinnamon, a few ground cloves, and some dried flowers. Take about 10 grams of each and mix them all together in a bowl. Then what you want to do is sprinkle that mixture on your carpet and then after about 15 minutes vacuum like you normally would. This will leave a nice residual smell that is quite enjoyable.

And also feel free to experiment with different herbs and spices for different smells. It’s up to you and spices you use in your DIY mixture. But be sure to not use any hers of spices that are known to cause stains like turmeric!

The Faster you Clean the Better!

carpet cleaning stain removal home domestic service swindonThe best piece of advice that we can provide for DIY carpet cleaning is to take care of stains immediately. The longer you leave a stain the harder it is going to be to get out.

As soon as something that should not be on the carpet ends up on the carpet use a clean cloth or a paper towel to dab up the spill. Like we mentioned many times on our blog you do not want to rub at a stain. This will just push the stain further into the carpet fibers.

Clean on a Regular Basis

The reality is that there is nothing you can really do to avoid dirt and stains coming into your home. Even if you are very good at remembering to take off your shoes before entering your home there is always going to be times where somebody slips up. Just by going in and out of your home you bring in dust and grime.

So the best thing to do is to simply keep a regular cleaning schedule. It’s that simple. Clean on a regular basis and your home stays clean. Don’t forget to include vacuuming the carpets!

If you don’t have time to do your own carpet cleaning then why not take a look at what We Move and Clean can offer you.