Newbury is a town in Berkshire, England, that takes so much pride in its historic nature. The market-like environment makes it a destination for many visitors who want to experience something new from what you ordinarily expect. It is the largest town in the region. Its border includes River kennel on the North, bringing about new adventures to the residents. If you plan to visit the place, you have a guarantee of not a single dull moment throughout your stay. Below are the best and must-do things and places to go while you are here.

Highclere Castle

The Highclere Castle is a famous location since it appeared in a movie that became a talk for quite an extended period, Downtown Abbey. The structure dates back to the 16th century. It has been the Earls’ seat ever since, thus offering lots of historical information to visitors. The best time to get a clear view of the insides is during summer. The management opens up doors and transmission to all curious minds. You can treat yourself to a tour of the filming locations, the library, great hall, bedrooms, drawing rooms, and beautiful outdoors.

Watch Movies

Newbury has a couple of cinemas and theatres, but the bestselling is Vue Newbury. The establishment is always open all through the better part of the year. Whether it’s freezing or the temperatures are high, you can pop in and catch one of the shows going on. On other special occasions, theatricals are going. The ideologies behind the shows are always different. If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the famous movie personalities from larger England.

Get In Touch With Nature

The majority of Newbury’s population consists of families with school-going children. Entrepreneurs in the town understand children’s needs, thus creating strategic places that will interest them. The good thing, though, adults are not limited to visiting. The first place you can go to is in the park. Some of these include the Living Rainforest, the Nature Discovery Center or the Newbury spy mission trail. The experience that you get in these locations is like no other. Wear your comfortable shoes as you will spend most of the time walking. Recreational centres are equipped with all sorts of toys, trampolines, and bouncing castle for the kids to get the best of their trips. If possible, you can also indulge in horse racing at the racecourse. The activity is on the annual events calendar, and many people come out to offer support.

Go Shopping

Being a market town, Newbury will present you with lots of commodities to take home. Along the streets, you will notice a wide range of boutiques and jewellery stores. They have products from renowned designers and also upcoming artists from the place. Furthermore, you can buy antiques that shed more light on the British culture to carry as souvenirs for friends.

Eat And Drink

Although Newbury is in England, its doors have always been open to people from all over the world who found it interesting and decided to settle there. The mixture of cultures has led to the growth of a wide range of restaurants and hotels. The cuisine here ranges from British delicacies, Italian, Indian, Asian and also international dishes. There are exotic and high-end restaurants and even cheap eats. Nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to try out new foods from the best chefs.

If you want to maximize your time in Newbury, plan prior. Highlight all the places you would love to visit and allocate the days. You can explore the town alone or seek professional help from the hospitable tour guides. Newbury is a great place to live and to raise a family. If you are planning on moving to Newbury we offer an affordable removals Newbury service.