When moving into a new property – rented or bought – there’s nothing like a full professional clean to make your new home look and feel like it’s yours to put your stamp on. However, some companies offering house cleaning Swindon have a tendency to add extras onto the original quote that you might not be aware of; for example, you might ask for the white goods to be cleaned if it’s a rental property, thinking that’s part of the deal, and find a hefty addition to the cost when you get the bill!




At We Move and Clean we want you to know exactly what you’re paying for before we begin your clean so…




house cleaning Swindon




Here’s how we calculate your house cleaning Swindon quote:




  • How big is the property?


For example, the quote for a three bedroomed house with two bathrooms is going to be considerably more than that for a one bedroomed flat. Let us know the number of rooms, and we’ll be able to give you a better idea. This should include boxrooms, bathrooms, toilet rooms, landing and hall areas that get heavy foot traffic.


  • Is the property furnished or unfurnished?


It’s easier for us to clean an unfurnished property, but that doesn’t mean we can’t move the sofa and other furniture out of the way to get to where we need to clean.


  • Are there any white goods to be cleaned?


If you’re moving into a rented property, it’s likely that the white goods are included. There’s nothing pleasant about using a fridge that smells of the last tenant’s groceries, a washing machine that hasn’t been cleaned in months, and an oven caked with grease. Let us know what needs doing, and we’ll work out a price for your house cleaning Swindon.


  • Tell us more about that oven


Though – we’ll need to know if it’s not a standard oven, however, as they require careful handling. Let us know if it’s an Aga, or other range cooker.


  • Were there pets in the property?


However clean an animal might be, they leave evidence behind, usually pet hair, and an unpleasant smell. Our highly trained cleaners using professional products and equipment can remove all evidence of previous four-legged occupants; essential if you have pet allergies.


  • Are there extra areas that need cleaning?


People often forget balcony or garage areas when moving out of a property and arranging a clean. We can give these the once-over for you, ensuring that the whole space has had the professional treatment!


  • Do the carpets need cleaning?


A carpet deep clean is possibly the most reassuring element of a pre- or post-tenancy clean. Not only does it make the carpets look like new, it removes the dirt you can’t see too.


  • What’s your deadline?


If it’s moving day for a chain of people (and that happens for renters too!), then you’ll need to know that we can be in and out quickly, and still do a thorough job.




house cleaning Swindon




So in summary, we’ll ask you when you need the clean, how big the property is (and whether there are any extra areas that get forgotten), whether it’s furnished or not, the number and type of white goods that need cleaning, and whether you need the carpets cleaned (including getting rid of pet smells).


We’ve dealt before with questions you might ask a house cleaning Swindon company to make sure you’re dealing with professionals, but these are the questions we’ll ask you to make sure that the price you’re quoted is the price you pay – every time.

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