Today we are going to talk about how to pick a good carpet cleaning company. This is something that the average person doesn’t really know how to do properly. Most people simply Google for a carpet cleaning company in their area or they ask a friend if they have ever used a company and get a referral.

But how do you know the company you’ve picked is reputable and right for the job. Today we are going to explore this topic and once you’re done reading you’ll know exactly what you need to look for when finding the perfect carpet cleaning company for your home or business.

Don’t Think That Carpet Cleaning Equipment Means Everything!

One mistake that you can make is to pick and choose a carpet cleaning company simply based on the equipment that you see on their website. For example if you’re looking for deep steam cleaning you should still be asking more questions.

You might want to ask how long the company has been dealing with the exact cleaning process that you need. And then go deep and ask  how long the particular staff member has then using that particular machine that will be coming out to do your job. This will give you an understanding of if you’re dealing with a new company that has new staff or if you’re dealing with an experienced carpet cleaning company.

What Do Their Cleaning Reviews Say?

In 2018 and beyond every company that is in business can be checked up online. It’s almost like the world of business has got a little bit more fair because of the internet. The companies that do a really good job get really good reviews and if a company is consistently doing a bad job then their reviews are going to line up with that fact.

The first place to check is if the company is listed on Google My Business. The easiest thing you can do is just Google the business name and they should come up. If they don’t come up because they have a very generic name like a lot of companies similar to them then add their location. For example if you Google ‘We Move and Clean’  our company would come up but if we didn’t come up for example you would simply want to Google ‘We Move and Clean Swindon’ as we show up.

You will see the Google My Business page and can read reviews from here. Here is out Google My Business page if you want to read out reviews.

When it comes to the carpet cleaning industry.  Any reputable company will be registered with Checkatrade. So it’s best to see if the company you are dealing with is registered and read those reviews. Read the reviews from We Move and Clean on Checkatrade.

After searching Google and Checkatrade You should be able to gauge a nice picture of what the company stands for based on their reviews.

Don’t Use a National Carpet Cleaning Company

The last tip we have for you is to not choose a company simply based on its large size. In the UK there are some massive cleaning brands out there that serve the entire UK. Our advice is to actually pick a local company.

On the other side of things don’t go for a one-man show company. A one-man show type company might not have the right equipment of man power to deal with your cleaning needs. It’s best to pick a company that is local and is somewhat mid-sized.

The reasoning behind this is because a large a national company can afford to make mistakes. But a smaller company gets impacted by negative reviews. And when it comes to leaving a review for a business people love to mention bad things opposed to positive things. It’s the unfortunate way of human nature.

So that being said if you find a company that would has glowing and glamorous reviews that are nothing but positive and they are a mid-sized company then you have a perfect fit.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful for you in picking the right carpet cleaning company.