Your home will not only look right if your carpet look good and well-maintained. The reality is that carpets do need to be replaces once in a while. This is an expense renovation for any homeowner. So why not try to get more out of your carpets life and save a few thousands pounds for a few more years?

You can easily Implement the following advice to get more life out of your carpet. Here are a few tips brought to you by We Move and Clean on how to extend your carpets life.

Don’t Let the Carpet Get ‘To’ Dirty

It’s important to keep your carpet clean.  If you don’t clean your carpet on a regular basis then you can have thousands of dust mites living inside your carpet that are not even visible to the human eye.

Another reason to keep carpets clean on a regular basis is that several contaminants that you bring into your home from outside promote the growth of mold in damp areas. And mold can cause allergies and other serious health issues.

Dirty carpets in general are not a good thing for the life of the carpet. The dirt and sand you bring in from outside actually scratches against the fibers and the yarn wearing them out. It’s not just your mother telling you to take your shoes off because she doesn’t want to clean. It’s actually extending the life of your carpet. Just like implements all the advice above helps extend the carpets life.

Regular Vacuuming Cleaning

A great way to extend your carpets life in addition t the points about is too quite simply clean your carpets on a regular basis with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. This will reduce the amount of dirt and sand that gets into the carpet fibers resulting in a longer lasting carpet.

How often should you vacuum your carpet?

Well that totally depends on how busy your household is. If you’re living by yourself or just with your partner and you’re both in your high-flying career not spending much time at home. Then you can get away with vacuum cleaning once a week or every 10 days.

If you have a busy family and kids are running around the property plus a dog or two then you need to clean at least 3 times a week up to potentially every day.

Get your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional on a Regular Basis

Commercial office carpet cleaning service hire swindonIf you own your own home and don’t rent then looking after your carpets is even more important than you think. Well look after carpets add value to your property. What you want to do is make sure a professional carpet cleaning company comes into your property on a regular basis to do real deep steam carpet cleaning.

It’s best to speak to a professional about how often they should get this done but to give you an idea. If you take the example of the high-flying corporate couple above then once a year should be fine. If you have a large home with a busy family and animals running around everywhere then you might want to get your carpet cleaned every 3 months. Something in between the two means about twice per year.

Move your Furniture Around Every few Months

Moving your furniture around every few months will do nothing but extend the life of your carpet. The reason for this is that if you leave a bed in the same spot it’s going to damage that part of the carpet. If you only leave that bed in the same spot for 2 to 3 months and then move it you’re giving the carpet a chance to recover and go back to looking normal as it’s no longer pressed down 24/7.

The other reason to move furniture around is that for the most part people don’t generally move furniture and clean all the dust and dirt hat is under that piece of furniture. As time goes by more and more dirt and dust will end up inside the carpet fibers where you don’t clean damaging the carpet. Plus this is not good for your health and more so if you have allergies.

By simply moving furniture around you’re never going to deal with this problem because even if you don’t clean under a bed for 3 months for example then when you do need it’s going to be cleaned at that point.