carpet cleaning swindon hire end of tenancyYou’re all set. You’ve got your carpet cleaning job booked in with us and you’re excited that we’re going to come to your property and clean your carpets. And you’re thinking there is nothing else for you to do, right?

Well this is actually one of the biggest misconceptions in the carpet cleaning industry. And the reality is as a customer you probably don’t know about it. As when you think carpet cleaning you think that the company is going to come to you property and do all the work for you.

But the reality is there is a little bit of preparation for your end. Now this totally depends on the service that you’re getting. If general home cleaning is being done then there’s nothing for you to really prepare. But if you’re having us come out to your property to do deep steam cleaning then there are some things you need to prepare.

Have the Floors Vacuumed

Although we are professionals that clean carpets you do need to make sure your carpets are somewhat clean before hand.

The reason for this is when we come to the property and do deep steam cleaning that’s the exact job that we’re there for. For us to be able to finish on time and to be able to charge the right amount and not have to charge you extra for the time spent cleaning the property you want to make sure that your carpets are clean in the first place.

Another reason for this is due to the fact that most carpet cleaning machines cant deal with the dirt that’s in a carpet. The whole point of a deep steep clean is to bring the life back into the carpet. This way they look fantastic. The other reason you might have asked come out to the property is for stain removal. So the carpets need to be vacuumed first.

So to cut a long story short make sure your carpets have had a quick once with a normal vacuum before we get to the property.

Move the Furniture Around

Another great thing you can do to make the job of your carpet cleaning company much easier is to move big furniture out of the way. If you have couches that are in the middle of the room then move them to the side walls. The same goes for beds, get them pushed off into the side of the room. And the same goes for any major pieces of furniture.

For smaller items that can be taken off the carpet it is preferable that you do so. For example if there is a table in the middle of the room that can’t be taken out of the room we will work around the table but it is preferable that when we get to the property all the chairs are on top of the table.

And this of course goes for all the small items that you generally have lying around the home. Get any clothes into the cupboard. Get any shoes you have lying around packed up. If there are kids toys lying around just get them packed away. The clearer your carpets the better chance we have to finish on time.


The last step is to relax and do something while we are at the property. When we clean carpets it’s preferable that no one is coming in and out of the property. When we deep steam clean we cover our shoes and you will also need a couple of hours before the carpet can be worked on again. So it’s easy to see why you don’t want to be at home when we clean.

So this is a perfect opportunity to go out and do something to relax in town. There’s no need for you to be at the property. And if you really do need access to your property on the weekend then we would suggest you get your carpets cleaned during the week while you’re at work. We can easily organize a morning time slot to have your carpets cleaned so by the time you come back home from work a few hours have passed and you can be walk on your carpets again without a problem.

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