Everybody likes things to go hassle-free, so please read the following. If you have all of this ready for us by the time we arrive, everything should go smoothly!

And of course, please don’t undertake any other work such as decorating during the removal or cleaning day!

Secure a parking space for us at both locations (the length of at least two cars), have a parking permit ready for us (if necessary) and tell us about any weight, height, width and time restrictions

Be fully packed and label your boxes (max size of a box 16’’ x 16’’ x 16’’ and max weight 20 lbs (10 kg). For any bigger boxes max size is 10 lbs (5 kg)

Disconnect your White Goods and TV Equipment

Make sure you empty all drawers (Chest of Drawers, Divan Beds, Ottoman Beds etc.)

Think through in advance where your items will go at your new address

Secure a parking space for us and have a parking permit ready (if necessary)

Make sure there is access to hot water and electricity (light bulbs must be working)

Take down any lamp shades if you want us to clean them

Empty and defrost your fridge-freezer

Make sure all drains are unblocked