Are you considering house cleaning services Swindon? If the thought of having a cleaner come to your house on a regular basis seems like an unnecessary indulgence, then it’s worth you reading this post. For example, freeing up your time from cleaning means that you can spend more time with your family, or even be less embarrassed about inviting your friends round more often, as you’ll rarely be more than a 15 minute quick pick up before you’re ready for company.

Even a one-off clean can be useful, but searching on house cleaning services Swindon for a regular domestic cleaning service can be even more of a boost to your health and your home. Regular cleaning keeps down bacteria and virus levels, and can even increase the lifespan of your house and white goods.

Read on for how a professional company can bring the best value to a cleaning programme that suits you and your family the best.

House Cleaning Services Swindon

Our Service Comparison

We provide a first class service with reliable, professional cleaners. Everyone we employ is a permanent member of our team, and we require them all to be both CRB checked and fully ID checked. We can even come round to introduce ourselves to you beforehand, and discuss exactly what you need us to do. For example, there might be occasions when you need a more thorough clean, and other times when a basic domestic clean is enough.

We offer three levels of cleaning, and you can see how the options are offered below:


Regular Cleaning BASIC Regular Cleaning PREMIUM One-off / spring cleaning
light switches and socket fittings cleaned
all working surface to be cleaned
all dust from furniture, cupboards, doors, frames, skirting boards, radiators and surface to be removed
all carpets vacuumed
all hard floors to be cleaned and washed
all cobwebs to be removed
tiled areas in the kitchen and bathroom washed and cleaned
mirrors to be cleaned
all windowsill to be cleaned
toilet and surrounding areas cleaned
sink taps cleaned
bath area and fittings cleaned
shower area and fittings cleaned
all surfaces de-scaled and polished  ✓  ✓
all mouldy areas cleaned
all pipework washed
window area, interior glazing and framework washed down (exterior windows where possible)
white goods to be cleaned
oven and extractor fan to be cleaned
deep steam clean of kitchen and bathroom


You might find, for example, that the basic or premium services are perfect for you on a regular basis, with a one-off clean three or four times a year. Give us a call and talk to us about what you need.

House Cleaning Services Swindon


Having a regular cleaner will improve your home and your life a great deal; you’ll have more time to spend with family, your white goods will last longer, and you won’t be frantically sweeping a duster around when your friends call round unexpectedly in future. You’ll even be healthier with a regular cleaning service, especially during bug season, as we’ll make it harder for viruses to hang around and make you ill..

If you need cleaning services and are based in or around Swindon. Then give us a call or head back to our main carpet cleaning page by clicking here to read more.