Our Cleaning Services Availability

Our Cleaning Services Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Do You Arrive?

We will arrive between 9.30 am and 10.30 am. We will notify you about the exact time of our arrival in advance.

Do I Have To Be There During Cleaning?

No. You just need to let our team in.

How Long Does The Cleaning Take?

Approximately 4 – 6 hours depending on the property size.

It will take longer if you would like us to clean your carpets too (approximately 30 – 60 min per room).

How Many Cleaning Operatives Do You Provide?

We send out 2 – 4 Cleaning Operatives depending on your property size.

Do I Get A Receipt?

Yes. A receipt will be issues once the work has been completed.

Do You Remove Mould Stains From Windows, Bathrooms etc.?

Yes. We remove mould from windows, bathrooms etc but not from walls or ceilings.

Do You Clean Walls?

We clean walls only on request and by default it is not a part of our service.

Do You Remove Limescale?

We are able to remove 100% limescale.

Do You Clean Windows From Outside?

No. We clean windows from inside only but can recommend a company who will be able to assist.

Do You Clean Fridges, Freezers, Tumble Dryers, Washing Machines, Microwaves etc.?

Yes. White goods cleaning is included in the quote.

Do You Clean The Front Door?

Yes. We clean the front door from both sides.

Do You Use Sanitisation Methods Of Cleaning?

Yes, we do. We use:

1. Steam Cleaning

2. Bleach

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Booking & Payment

We collect 50% deposit upfront to guarantee our availability on the day.

The remaining 50% is payable right after the work has been completed.