Cirencester is home to one of the most magnificent churches in the world. The parish church of St. John Baptist is one of the largest parish churches in England. It is over a thousand years old and is usually open throughout the year, welcoming thousands of visitors. If you are looking for a place to live with regular church service, Cirencester is a perfect fit because the community welcomes visitors warmly to the church.

Why Move To Cirencester?

Here are a few reasons why you might consider moving to live in Cirencester

Rural Living

Cirencester offers a conducive rural way of life with quiet surroundings and fresh air. You will be waking up on the fringes of Cotswolds every single morning. The area still has access to large towns and cities with great schools. The area has all year round charm, and you will find it adventurous to live here.

Houses For Sale

If you are looking to relocate to Cirencester, do not worry about the availability of a home. There are plenty of houses on sale. It is also amazing that the houses suit different personalities because there are many options in the market. There are small Victorian homes in the classical terraces that have been listed in the market.

Additionally, there are former weaver’s cottages available for sale as well. These are homes that still hold Cirencesters textile past in the present. The homes are complete with magnificent beams, high ceilings, and large fireplaces. If you love traditional designs, these homes will be a perfect fit for you.

For the lovers of modernity, there are enough modern houses for sale in the market as well. 20th-century family homes have been listed in the market while new building developments are coming up in the outskirts of the town. These are perfect for you if you’d prefer to live in the suburbs. The average price of a property is 300,000$.

If you plan to move to the town temporarily, there are rental houses available. There are a variety of rental houses to choose from, ranging from flats to large family homes. There is no limitation. The average monthly rent is around 900$.


If you plan to move to the town, transportation will be the least of your worries. Although the town does not have its own train station, there is a station only six miles away in Kemble. The train can travel to Swindon, London, and Cheltenham all in 90 minutes.

The roads in the town are perfectly functional, connecting to Bristol, Warwick, and other towns. If you prefer to travel by air, Bristol airport is available only an hour away. You can use the airport for both domestic and international flights.


You will not struggle to find a school for your children if you move to Cirencester. The Kemble primary school and the Cirencester Primary school are just a few examples of the amazing schools you will find in this town. All the schools are rated good by Ofsted and are highly recommended.


Cirencester is popular for hosting some of the most stylish boutiques in England. They have independent style shops where locals and visitors enjoy their shopping excursions. Stores like WHSmith, Boots, and Argos are popular for their unique merchandise. There are amazing coffee shops and chocolate stores, all of which are the pride of this town. You can enjoy all these resources if you move to this town.

Wind Up

There is so much more about Cirencester that attracts people to move to the town. You will have many activities to choose from for family bonding time. You can take your kids for swimming on weekends or take them to water slides. This town is definitely fun to live in, and if you plan to move, all you need is a good Cirencester removals company.