At We Move and Clean, we take keeping your furniture and belongings safe when we move you very seriously indeed. As you may have seen from our previous articles and videos, we use special equipment to move anything from your washing machine to your wide-screen television. When we help you to move house, you have our reassurance that you don’t need to worry about a thing. We can even provide a full packing service, and clean both your old home and your new home to leave both ends spick and span. Just keep the kettle to hand!


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Why Choose Us

Piano Moving Company

We’re well aware that there’s one item that’s much more than a piece of furniture, and that’s your piano. Piano removal is an extra level of stress, even if it’s a standard upright; piano moving takes on a whole new level of worry if it’s a baby or full concert grand. It doesn’t matter if your piano playing skills are more Chopsticks than concerto soloist, we’ll treat your treasured instrument with the same care and respect.

It’s often tempting to try to move your piano by yourself, or to move it separately so that you can keep an eye on it. Let us talk you through our professional service for your own peace of mind – after all, the heaviest and biggest uprights can weigh nearly a ton (and often more than a baby grand!), and you don’t want to move that on your own. Also, piano casters are decorative, and not made for more than a little adjustment of position within a room. The last thing you want to do is damage hardwood flooring or carpets as well as your piano by attempting a move without the proper equipment.

Our Customers Talking About Their Experience With Us

What We Do – Our Process

At We Move and Clean, we have a three-step process to ensure that we are the piano movers you can trust. First of all, we need to know:

  • What type of piano we’re moving – whether it’s a digital, upright, hybrid, baby grand or larger instrument, so that we know which size of cover we’re going to need (and also whether there are legs that will need careful removal), and roughly how much it’s going to weigh in terms of number of personnel required!

  • Where it is currently – are there stairs or is there a lift? Are there any tight corners we need to know about? What about road or driveway access, or parking restrictions?

  • Where is it going – again, we’ll need to know about access, and any difficulties we might encounter.

Piano Movers

Use Specialised Equipment

Once we’ve got this information, we’ll arrive with our custom dolly to get your piano ready for removal. Our employees are highly professional trained removal experts who will arrive at your home in our branded We Move and Clean uniform. We’re also fully insured with Checkatrade feedback that we’re really proud of. We’ll also bring custom covers to ensure that your piano doesn’t pick up any scratches or damage from the removal process. When the cover’s in place, we’ll secure it to the dolly, ready for moving.

When we’re happy – and you’re happy! – it’s safely in place, we’ll then move your piano to our van. The dolly’s pneumatic tyres ensure that your piano’s journey through your house and outside to the vehicle is smooth and bump-free, and once your instrument is on the tail lift, we won’t take our hands off it. When it’s on board our van, we’ll then strap your piano safely in place, ready for the journey to its new home.

We can help transport grand pianos, upright piano and pretty much any kind. Why not leave the logistics of relocation to the experts?

I Only Need To Move It From One Part Of The House To Another – Can You Help?

Sometimes, the journey your piano needs to make is a relatively short one. Perhaps you’ve decided to move it out of the dining room into the spare bedroom, or perhaps it’s a community centre piano that needs to be moved to another venue for a concert or event. It’s a side of piano removals that’s just as common – and perhaps even more so – than moving house, but it can be difficult to find a piano mover that will work with you for such a move.

At We Move and Clean, a moving job is a moving job, and we are more than happy to assess what needs doing and give you a quote. Our employees are professional and efficient at all times, so all you need to do is relax in the knowledge that your piano is in safe hands.

Why Hire A Piano Mover Service

We’re not musical experts (just removal experts), but we took advice from someone that knows their pianos. After moving, your piano will slip out of tune as it acclimatises to different humidity and a different floor. However, don’t get it tuned straight away. Let it settle in for a couple of weeks before you call a professional piano tuner. Each string holds close to 200lb of pressure, so even the most careful move will cause your piano to go out of tune!

Once a trained technician has checked it over, your piano can settle as happily into its new home as we hope you will.


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