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As a leading removals company in Melksham we like to make sure everything works around you. We’ll operate to a schedule which fits you best, and seek to provide you with the most stress-free service possible. If you are moving within Melksham we can help. In fact we can move you anywhere in the country.



Looking for a Melksham Moving Company? We Can Move You Nationwide!

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Spa Rd

Melksham SN12 7PB

5 Reasons Why We Are The Best Fit For You

We pay attention to the smallest details so you can relax and enjoy the beginning of new chapter of your life.

Your Stress-Free Moving Day with We Move and Clean

Thanks to our organised process we guarantee everything will go smoothly on your moving day.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Are you wondering what quality of service you will receive? See below our customers talking about their experience with us.

Our Services

Home Removals

At We Move and Clean, we understand how stressful moving house can be, so we work hard to make sure that moving your furniture and belongings to your new home is done with great care and attention with the best removals Melksham company in the business.

Reliability is also a critical factor when moving house – you need to know your removals company will be punctual and be there for you on your moving day. Our business is founded on our reputation as a trustworthy and conscious home removals company.  As a fully insured home removals company, you can rely on us to move your possessions carefully and respectfully.

Man & Van Service

Our Man & Van service is most suitable for when you are moving a few belonging. In other words, it is like a house removal Melksham service but on a smaller scale. It is perfect for small moves and is considered an affordable and more effective alternative.

Our Man & Van service is charged hourly and the driver arrives when and where you need him.

Van Hire With Driver

Will your friends help you with loading your belongings? If so, our budget friendly Van Rental with Driver service is ideal for you. You load the van while the driver waits for you and you only pay for the hours you use our service, not a full day.

There is no need to collect and return hire van. No deposit to pay. No need to drive or own a driving license.

How We Work On Your Moving Day

We pride ourselves on our high quality removals service, ensuring we handle all possessions with the utmost care and attention

Call us today on 01225 985040 to speak to us

Available Extras

Full & Partial Packing Service

Packing can seem a daunting task when moving house. Our experienced and highly organized packing system is the perfect solution to taking this stress off your hands.

We will pack your items using our strong boxes and packing materials. We can also assist with packing and moving any items that require extra special care, to ensure they arrive at their new home in pristine condition. Removals Melksham shouldn’t be stressful. Let us pack for you!

Furniture Assembly

In a house move, there are always items of furniture that need dismantling. We can help you by dismantling your furniture, such as beds and cabinets, before carefully loading and transporting them to your new home.

We can then reassemble the furniture in your new home if you would like us to.

House Clearance

Apart from full house clearance we offer covenient single item removal services for those customers who may need to move just a single large piece of furniture. From antique furniture to an old wardrobe, we are experienced in removing and disposing of all types of items. No matter how large or small your requirement. We have got you covered..

Packing Materials

When you are moving house our packing crates will be ideal since one of the first things you consider is how you’re going to pack your smaller belongings safely. They are very easy to use, and larger than standard medium packing boxes. They are also ideal for navigating through narrow hall and doorways.

Piano Removal

At We Move and Clean we believe that moving your piano should be as stress free as listening to your favourite concerto! The experience and expertise of our highly trained and motivated teams of piano moving professionals, will ensure the safety of your treasured instrument throughout its journey.

Storage Services

We are proud to give you affordable and transparent pricing, with a focus on convenient service with 24 hour access at no extra cost. Our staff are happy to help with any storage needs you may have.

Call us today on 01225 985040 to speak to us

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Got questions? We have all your answers for moving homes in Melksham.

Do You Accept Tentative / Provisional Bookings?

No, we do not.

We can only accept bookings once the moving date has been confirmed (the Contracts have been exchanged or the Tenancy Agreement has been signed).

Please remember to fill in the Self Survey form ( so we can confirm your quote.

What Time Will You Arrive On The Day?

We will arrive between 8 am and 8.30 am.

How Long Does It Take?

Approximately 4 – 8 hours, depending on your property size.

I Need To Be Out By 12 O'clock. Can You Guarantee That?

Yes, we can.

We will allocate enough staff and vehicles to make sure you vacate your current property by 12 o’clock, so new owner can move in.

Cancellation & Postponement Procedure

If you wish to cancel or postpone your booking, we reserve the right not to refund the deposit according to how much notice is given:

  1. More than 21 calendar days – deposit refundable in full (£10 or 2% handling charge)
  2. Less than 21 calendar days – deposit non-refundable
Do You Free Provide Packing Materials?

Yes, we do.

We provide the following:

Free Packing Boxes (quantity up to 100 depending on your property size). These will be deliver to you or you will need to collect them yourself from us depending on your circumstances. You can get them as soon as you accept your quote. Please note we need to have them back once you are unpacked (there is no time pressure), so please cut through the tape when unpacking.

Free Wardrobe Boxes (up to 10). These will be delivered on the day and we need to take them back with us once we are unloaded at your new property.

Do You Offer Packing Service?

Yes, we do.

We can provide Fragile Packing Service or Full Packing Service.

Can You Disconnect and Reconnect My Washing Machine?

No, we cannot.

You need to hire a certified Plumber to do it for you. Moving Companies are not insured against such work. In extreme cases (for example, if a Plumber fails to show up and you must vacate your property) we can help you with that but cannot be held responsible for any damage.

Booking & Payment Procedure

We collect 50% upfront to guarantee our availability on the day.

The remaining payment is collectable on the day before we leave your premises.

Do You Dismantle Furniture?

Yes, we do.

Most of your furniture will be dismantled free of charge. More complex items (like Wardrobes or Bunk Beds) are charged extra.

Can You Disconnect and Reconnect My Cooker?

No, we cannot.

You need to hire a certified Engineer to do it for you. Moving Companies are not insured against such work.

Can You Clean My Property On The Moving Day?

No, we cannot.

We need to clean your property on a separate day to achieve the highest level of cleanliness.

Will You Protect My Belongings (like TV, Large Mirrors etc) During The Move?

Yes, we will.

We guarantee safe delivery of your belongings and have protective covers for most of your items:

  • Large Screen TVs & Mirrors / Pictures
  • Table & Chairs
  • Undercover Fridge, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Tumble Dryer, Microwave, Tall Fridge Freezer
  • Beds & Mattresses
  • Sofas & Armchairs
  • Upright Piano

Do You Provide Office Removals?

No, we do not.

We specialise in Home Removals only.

Didn't find your answer?


Then call the best house moving company in Melksham today on 01225 985040.

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