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As a leading removals company we like to make sure everything works around you. We’ll operate to a schedule which fits you best, and seek to provide you with the most stress-free service possible. If your current postcode falls within our area of operation (Swindon, Oxford, Reading, Bristol, Gloucester and anywhere between), we can move you anywhere in the country.

If you have any questions about our removal service, please view our frequently asked questions section.

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Home Removals

At We Move and Clean, we understand how stressful moving house can be, so we work hard to make sure that moving your furniture and belongings to your new home is done with great care and attention.

Reliability is also a critical factor when moving house – you need to know your removals company will be punctual and be there for you on your moving day. Our business is founded on our reputation as a trustworthy and conscious home removals company.  As a fully insured home removals company, you can rely on us to move your possessions carefully and respectfully.

Packing Service

Packing can seem a daunting task when moving house. Our experienced and highly organized packing system is the perfect solution to taking this stress off your hands.

We will pack your items using our strong boxes and packing materials. We can also assist with packing and moving any items that require extra special care, to ensure they arrive at their new home in pristine condition.

We can also assist with unpacking the items and placing them where you need them to be in your new home.

Furniture Assembly

In a house move, there are always items of furniture that need dismantling. We can help you by dismantling your furniture, such as beds and cabinets, before carefully loading and transporting them to your new home.

We can then reassemble the furniture in your new home if you would like us to.

Get Estimate Delivered Instantly To Your Email

Got Any Unwanted Items?

Apart from full house clearance we offer covenient single item removal services for those customers who may need to move just a single large piece of furniture. From antique furniture to an old wardrobe, we are experienced in removing and disposing of all types of items. No matter how large or small your requirement. We’ve got you covered..


House Clearance

We clear anything from entire houses to lofts, gardens and sheds. We appreciate that each job is unique so we are happy to provide you with a simple quotation and advice about the service.

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