Fly-tipping is a growing problem. When searching on rubbish removal Swindon, you might be reluctant to pay for disposal of large items, especially if you’ve already spent money buying a new sofa.. Most of us have experienced the overnight appearance of a discarded mattress or unwanted sofa appearing in the street, but it’s not just an eyesore; it can affect the environment too. Just think of the health hazard large amounts of dumped household rubbish could cause alone. Most councils charge in the region of £15 per item to collect large household items, plus asking you to get the item outside for them to collect yourself. Low quotes from rubbish removal companies suggest that they are cowboys who will simply drive a few streets away and dump your rubbish – if it can be traced back to you, you’re looking at anything up to a £5,000 fine, even if you had paid your rubbish removal company in good faith, and had no idea that your unwanted items were going to end up being dumped somewhere.



Rubbish Removal Swindon: How can you tell you’re dealing with a fly-tipper?


1. If you are being asked for a low sum

And particularly if they’re asking for cash, warning bells should be ringing for you. Quotes for rubbish removal by responsible and genuine companies are relatively expensive, as Licensed Waste Carriers have to pay disposal charges, which form a large part of the quote.


2. They aren’t registered as a Licensed Waste Carrier

If you’re unsure, you can always say that you’re looking for a few quotes from different firms, then check them all here on the Environment Agency website. If they’re registered, you’re good to go, if not, you’re dealing with a cowboy.


3. They aren’t willing to issue a Waste Transfer note when you request one

A Waste Transfer note should look like this, so don’t be fooled by anything a cowboy might mock up to trick the unwary.


4. They aren’t willing to provide you with an invoice once clearance is completed

A ‘cowboy’ will be unwilling to give out their business details (and you can bet that their mobile number is PAYG as well, making them harder to trace), and even more unwilling to provide you with a document telling you who they are and where to find them. If the transaction relies on handshakes and cash, you’re dealing with a cowboy.

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It’s also equally simple to reassure yourself that you’re dealing with the professionals – if your chosen company would prefer to deal with a cheque or bank transfer to a business account, are a Licensed Waste Carrier, and issue you with a Waste Transfer note, you have the peace of mind you need to know that you aren’t dealing with a cowboy.   At We Move and Clean, we offer you all of these things when you’re looking for rubbish removal Swindon, and we deal with any kind of clearance from simple household rubbish removal, to office clearance, to full house clearance services. Our quotes are free and we’re cheaper than hiring a skip, so give us a call today.