There are four main shopping areas in Swindon. Swindon has everything you’ll want to buy and where you need to shop just depends on what you’re looking for. Keep in mind Swindon is not a big city like London but for a smaller town like Swindon there is a huge variety of shopping to take part in no matter what you’re after! If you are looking for our removals services and ended up on this blog post then click here instead.

Main Shopping Areas of Swindon

So where can you go shopping in Swindon?

The Brunel Shopping Centre

The Brunel Shopping Centre Is the ‘go to’ shopping centre in Swindon. It’s also the only covered Shopping Center in town. There are over 100 shops and eateries.

You have your big-name shops such as Sainsbury’s and M&S. Plus countless little boutique retailers to do that shopping that really can’t happen in major chain stores.

Greenbridge Retail Park

Greenbridge Retail Park in Swindon has a large selection of big-name retail stores, fashion stores, home ware stores. It even has Boots and Argos.

There is lots of parking available and more food then you could ever eat. The selection includes fast foods, nice sit-down restaurants and countless coffee shops. Cineworld Cinema Is also in the complex for you to catch a movie after your shopping.

West Swindon Shopping Centre

The West Swindon Shopping Centre Is the main shopping center for West Swindon And has been for around for over 25 years.  The shopping center is a typical mid-sized shopping center with everything that you’ll need at your fingertips. There is even a petrol station so you can fill up your car after you finish shopping.

Orbital Retail Park

Orbital Retail Park

Orbital Retail Park Is a unique style of shopping. It’s not a typical shopping center that you enter and wander around in. It is an outdoor retail park with a car park in the middle.  The shops surround the car park. Each store is in it’s own individual building.

If you’ve ever been to a retail park before this will make perfect sense. If you have never been to a retail park, well, there is always a first time! Orbital Retail Park has Britain’s favorite such as M&S, Boots, Homebase, Next and Asda. Plus countless coffee shops and places to eat.

Orbital Retail Park is the perfect place to go shopping if you’re looking to avoid busy typical indoor shopping centers.

Other Shopping in Swindon

These are the main shopping areas of Swindon. Of course these are not the only areas you will find shops in Swindon. Like in any town shops are scattered all over. If you’re looking for more boutique and novelty shops then it’s best to head to Old Town.

Among the four main shopping areas and Old Town Swindon you pretty much have all the shopping you will ever need covered. If not, well, there is always Amazon! Why not do some shopping while we deal with the carpet cleaning in your home.