Are you a sports fan? Are you moving to Swindon and you’re looking for a new local team to follow. Swindon is home to many sports. We have a professional football team, a semi-professional football team, we have ice hockey team, and a professional Speedway team.

Who will you follow?

  • Football – Swindon Town F.C
  • Swindon Wildcats – Ice Hockey
  • Swindon Robins – Motorbike Speedway Team
  • Swindon Top Cats – Ice Hockey

We definitely love professional sports in Swindon. Considering we are not one of the bigger towns or cities in the UK we definitely hold out ground when it comes to a sports teams.

How about finding your own sports club? Are you looking to participate yourself? Swindon is home to many sporting venues that cater to several different sports.

Here are just a few different sports clubs you could get involved in.

Allstars Kickboxing Swindon

Are you into your Martial arts? Then this is the place to be! For over 10 years Allstars Kickboxing  has been the go to kickboxing and Muay Thai Sports Club in Swindon.

Brecon Badminton Club Swindon

Is badminton your cup of tea? Brecon Badminton Club Is located only 5 minutes drive from the city center of Swindon And is a longest-standing sports clubs in town since their start in 1980.

Visit them at

Croft Netball Club Swindon

A fun and easy going netball club for people of all ages. And that is meant in a literal sense. The oldest members of Croft Netball Club are still playing netball in their 70s. Croft Netball Club located inside the Croft Sports Centre.

Westlecot Bowls Club

Fancy giving lawn bowls a shot? Then you want to head to Westlecot Bowls Club. Founded in 1910 this Sports Club is one of the longest-standing sports clubs in Swindon being over a century old!

Budo Warrior Schools

Looking to become a ninja master? Then you want to head to Budo Warrior School. Run by a life long student of martial arts and locally famous Marc Moor. Marc has worked the doors or some of the UK’s toughest pubs and clubs plus been a personal body guard to some of the world wealthiest individuals.

Learn more about Budo Warrior Schools at

This is just a small selection of the sporting club in Swindon. Swindon is well known for its diversity in sports. You’ll be able to find any sport in Swindon as long as it doesn’t have something to do with skiing down a mountain. For that you’re going to have to take a flight somewhere. Unless you are reading this after 2021 and North Star Ski Slope is up an running. An indoor ski slope that is being developed in Swindon.

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