It’s pretty much impossible to live in a home with a carpet and have not spilled something at some point. When this happens you don’t need to stress out. Today we are going to explore a few stain removal tips that will actually help you remove stains opposed to what most people do.

What you don’t want to do is exactly what most people do and that is taking a sponge to a stain and scrubbing hard. The only thing that you would do if you scrub hard on the stain is push the stain deeper into the carpet fibers. This is no different to a tee-shirt that gets a stain. It has to end up going in the wash to get that stain out properly. If you just rub the stain it will never come out.

Let’s jump right into it and start with how to remove coffee stains.

Fast Coffee Stain Removal

The main reason that coffee can stain carpet quite badly is that most people drink their coffee packed with sugar. Sugar is a sticky substance and when it comes to stains it ends up causing stains to stain deeper. There is nothing scientific about this, it’s just common knowledge really. Sugar is sticky and it likes to stick to things.

Think about a sugar coated donuts. It’s pretty much impossible not to lick your fingers after right?  You have to wash your hands properly to get them clean.

And what happens when you do end up washing your hands. They get cleaned quite easily. So the trick to remove a coffee stain is to poor some hot water on the stain to wash the coffee out. Make sure you take care doing this. It is extremely easy to pour too much water on the carpet stain. Just use a small amount of hot water.

Then let the water sit for a few minutes.  This will bring the coffee out of the carpet and then you can dab the area dry. Remember what was mentioned above that most people do. So do not rub. Just dab the area dry and repeat the process above until the coffee stain has been removed.

Easy Ink Stain Removal

The other most common stain that takes place in the home and even the office is the ink stain.

Perhaps a pen that was leaking dropped on the floor. Or maybe a child started drawing on the carpet. It does not matter how this happened it’s very easy to get rid ink stains if you use the method below. And the best part is its an organic method!

Just head to the shops and buy a lemon if you do not have one on hand. Then take some regular detergent you use in the kitchen as the other part. Mix together in a bow and then pour on the stain.  The next step is to let this sit for about 30 minutes and then dab out the solution.

Once you feel that you have gotten as much of the stain out as possible and it does not seem to be removing any more ink. Then the next step is to repeat the process but with only hot water. So just keep dabbing at the stain with hot water and the left over solution that is in the stain will help extract the last part of the ink from the carpet.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post about dealing with two of the most common stains that can occur in the home. If you don’t want to deal with stain removal yourself feel free to take a look at our carpet cleaning in Swindon page and give us a call if you want us to help with stain removal.