We Move and Clean provides lots of services like removals in Swindon. But today we bring you some local information.

The Swindon Museum and art gallery is not just another collection of paintings and statues. The museum actually houses some of the most important British art in the country.  The works that are available to for viewing include artists like Leon Kossoff, Alfred Wallis, Lucien Freud, LS Lowry and Frank Auerbach who are some of Britain’s finest and most thought-provoking artists.

Swindon Museum also displays a lot of local archaeology, geology and history. The collection goes as far back as the Roman Empire.

Some of the Roman items that are on display include:

  • A lead Roman candle and glass urn.
  • A rare Roman wine strainer.
  • Items found in a North Swindon dig site including tiles, a silver ball and wall plaster.

The Swindon museum also houses and Egyptian mummy that is thought to be a 12 year old boy.

The Museum also has many items that contain historical relevance to Swindon. The museum does not just contain extremely old items from the Roman era. Anyone who is looking to learn more about Swindon and how it developed as a town from a village should visit the museum. If you’re a local history buff then it’s perfect for a visit.

If you’re a local and living in Swindon then you’re in luck. If you want to see all the different artwork the museum has to offer then you might want to visit the museum every few months. Because of the space restrictions that’s when the museum has only about 100 of the 500 pieces of artwork that are stored in the museum can be displayed at any one time. To find out the real schedule of how the artwork rotates it’s best speak to the museum staff. 

Swindon Museum also offers a volunteer experience. Every year they aim to provide volunteering opportunities to a handful of individuals that are looking to gain experience within the Museum Industry.

Just like most  museums it’s best to ask the local stuff about the current exhibits or if you go to the Swindon Museum website you’ll be able to find what current collections are on show. You can visit the website for Swindon Museum website here. Once on that site just use the open “What’s On” menu.

If you would like to visit the museum it’s open from 11AM To 4:30 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. Entry is free. Why not visit the museum while We Move and Clean helps you with your carpet cleaning. It would be a perfect time for a visit as you need to stay outside of your home while we clean.