Who doesn’t like to eat good food?

Everyone loves a good bite eat. But the question is how do you find the best eats in town. Well lucky for you if you have stumbled our blog post today. At We Move and Clean we have staff who are very selective with their food so we have listed the best of the best food in Swindon just below. From the best burger in Swindon, to the best fish and chips in Swindon, to the best Asian food in Swindon, to the best… Everything in Swindon.

Best Burgers in Swindon

For the best burgers you want to check out Top Burger. It’s the best burger in town, Brazilian style! Your mouth will water and you’ll be back for seconds every week!

Best Traditional Sunday Food

20 at The Kings

Are you looking to take the family to lunch for a traditional roast on a Sunday? You want to check out 20 at The Kings. They have it all. The prices are great and best of all their deserts are homemade.

Indian Food in Swindon

Who doesn’t like a good curry with some naan-bread. It would be strange if someone said they actually didn’t like good Indian food. The Burj is where you want to head out to for a good Indian dinner. Yes, they are just outside of Swindon so you will need to drive to Foxhill but trust us when we say it’s worth it!

Mama Mia Italiano

Italian food. Enough said. No description needed. Spaghetti, pizza and pasta. You know what we are getting at. Mario’s is a traditional Trattoria that is hidden away in the Old Town that is not to be missed.

Best Pizza in Swindon

While we are on the topic of Italian food why don’t we talk about the best pizza in Swindon. Pizza deserves it’s own section. I’m sure you’ll agree! For the best pizza in Swindon head to Fratello’s for some wood-fired pizza. Eat in or get delivery.


Not everyone eats meat. We get it. So where do you find the best vegetarian and vegan food in Swindon. You’ll want to stop by The Core in Swindon’s Old Town. Not only do they do veterinarian and vegan food. They also do gluten-free food.

Thai Food in Swindon

Pad Thai, heard of it? Who hasn’t. It’s what Thailand is famous for abroad. Thai Orchid in Swindon’s Old Town is where you want to go for all your Thai food cravings.


Kenzo 72

Got a craving that needs to be fixed with some Hong Kong pork or your other favourite Chinese food? Kenzo 72 is the place to be. It’s located in China Town.

Japanese food in Swindon

Who does not like Japanese food. Even if your not the biggest fan you can surely appreciate the sophisticated nature of what the Japanese do with their presentation of sushi. Head to Wagamama’s in the Swindon Designer Outlet for your Japanese cravings fix.

Good Old Fish & Chips

Fish and chips. You learnt to love it as a kid and you’ll love it for the rest of your life. But where do you get the best in Swindon? Britz Fish and Chips is the place to go. They are an award winning local fish and chips shop.

Hopefully you enjoyed our list of our favourite places to eat. If you’d like a quote on for Swindon removals then we would be happy to help you move homes.