The Cost Of Living In Chippenham

There is a small town called Chippenham that is in the UK. It is technically referred to as a market town. It is close to the Cotswolds, a place that is well known because of the hot springs in the previous Roman occupation. It is because of this close proximity that it is a tourist trap. Many people come there because it is a place to stay while they are visiting this unique area. For those that live there, the cost of living can vary depending upon where they live, how large their family is, and the type of lifestyle they choose to live on a daily basis.

The History Of Chippenham

The origins of this location seemed to predate the Roman occupation. This means that it is a settlement that has been there for two millennia or more. In early medieval times, this town was thought to be occupied by Anglo-Saxons. Although the Vikings had come in at some point, it has since been in the possession of those in the UK from Norman times. It is primarily known today as a gateway to the Cotswolds, and there are many people that make their living based upon tourism.

How Much Do People Make In Chippenham?

The amount of money that they make depends on the type of work they are doing. For example, if you are a software engineer or even a project manager, you may make £42k or more per year. However, software developers may not make as much, coming in at just £25k. The total population in the area is over 40,000. 80% of the people that live there are white-collar workers. The rest are blue-collar workers, with the vast majority of them working for private companies. Only 20% work for the government, 7% are self-employed, and the rest are working for not-for-profit companies. In regard to the average household income, that is £65k. With the median income of right around £48k, most people are comfortable living in this small market community. This changes, however, if you are a homeowner. There are thousands of people that have mortgages with the median value of the mortgage at £205k. This can take a significant amount of their monthly income, depending upon their position.

Is It Worth It Living In Chippenham If You Are A Blue-Collar Worker?

The vast majority of people that live in Chippenham are white-collar workers which means they will have more than enough money to cover the mortgage and pay for what their family needs. However, the 20% that are blue-collar workers may not make nearly as much money, and may actually be employed by private companies. In these cases, these could be kids still living at home, or people that are living together just to meet the cost of the rent. Since the cost of living is high, being so far away from London and other major cities, it might be advantageous for them to change jobs or move to a different location.

If you have never been to Chippenham before, and you are thinking of moving there, try to shoot for a white-collar job. When you do move, you will likely need a home. There are very few of those available. It will take good planning, but with the right job and house, it could be a wonderful place to live apart from the metropolitan area of London and places in the UK that are not a part of the beautiful countryside. We have a removals Chippenham service if you are looking to make Chippenham your home.