Here are a handful of tips you can use that we are happy to share if you are looking to clean you own carpets to get those nasty stains out. Look we get it. Sometimes you are on a budget and getting a professional carpet cleaner in Swindon to clean your carpets is to much. Don’t let that stop you. It doesn’t matter if you are in Swindon or not. If these tips end up helping you clean your carpets then that makes us happy!

Harden Gum First

If you are trying to get gum out of your carpet then place an ice cub on the gum first.

Have you even started to chew gum you got out of your cars dashboard first thing in the morning on a cold winters day? It’s very hard isn’t it? So the same concept applies here. If you can harden up the gum first it’s going to be a lot easier to pry off the carpet compared to sticky gum going all over the place.

Once the gum is frozen use the help of a spoon to pry the gum off the carpet.

Dab Those Stains! Never Rub!

Never, ever, ever rub a stain! You will just make it worse.

The most effective method to get a stain off the carpet is to dab a clean cloth into some cleaning solution and then keep dabbing the stain over and over. This will let the cleaning solution absorb into the stain through the small amount of pressure that you are using to dab the stain.

You might lift the stain off quickly or it might take you one hour to remove the stain. It totally depends on how big the stain is and what was split on the carpet in the first place. If the stain is really bad it might be well worth giving us a call as you may need a true professional Swindon carpet cleaning company such as ourselves to get the stain out.

Club Soda, What?

That is right! Who knew right? Just like coke is used at times for cleaning you can use club soda on carpets. Let’s clarify for a moment. Please don’t use coke on your carpets! It will make things worse!

So the process if quite simple really. If you are looking to remove a wine stain or a beer stain just dab the area with a cloth drenched in some club soda. Let the stain sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then take a clean and dry sponge and press firmly several times on the stain to absorb the liquid that has been released from the carpet.

If this does not work add one part water and one part vinegar into a handheld spray bottle. Then spray the stain and again let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. This should lift the stain right off once you get to it with a dry sponge once again.

Always Spot Test

If you have picked up some cleaning solution from the shops or online that you plan to use for stain removal don’t just go right ahead and use it on the stain you are trying to remove.

The first thing you want to do is go to the corner of the room and use a tiny amount on the carpet to test that the type of chemicals in the cleaning solution. You are testing to see that the colour of the carpet is not effected. The last thing you want to do is remove a stain from the carpet but end up with an area of the carpet that looks like bleach was split as it’s now discolored from the rest of the natural carpet colour. That will look really bad on your part if you are renting and are trying to get your rental deposit back!

Those are all the tips from us for now. If you would rather have us come out to clean your carpets and you are based in Swindon or the surrounding areas we would be happy to help, Call us on 01793 335429 today to book your appointment.