Newbury is a quiet town in the heart of England at Berkshire County. The town boasts of a big market square among some of its magnificent features. If you plan to visit the place, prepare for a thrilling experience due to the availability of a couple of interesting places to visit. During such escapades, most people would worry about accommodation. In this city, and you can have peace of mind since it has a variety of 5-star hotels furnished with modern amenities. Below is a list of the best five hotels that you should try.

Regency Park Hotel

Regency Park Hotel is an all-inclusive institution with a health club and spa. Its location is in the countryside part of Berkshire. The distance from the centre of the town is minimal, and the roads are clear with minimal traffic. The management of the hotel has employed a contemporary type of finishing to make you feel right at home. There is free WIFI with a solid connection at any location that you prefer to lounge. The cuisine is exotic with exceptional services from the highly trained staff.

DoubleTree By Hilton

The Hilton group of hotels are famous for their quality and services accorded to guests. The DoubleTree is not an exemption to these factors. The hotel lies on a serene environment in the Northern part of Newbury. Some of its features include a well-treated swimming area, a bar, a spacious dining space and rooms with sufficient space and storage room. Each room has the ensuites package to improve privacy and comfort for clients. The place is spotless, and you will notice the cleaning crew frequently washing after guests to uphold the standards set by the management.

The Chequers Hotel

Apart from listing among the best, the Chequers hotel is one of the famous hotels in Newbury. The first captivating factor to it is its location, at the heart of town. The location is ideal as most people prefer it that way due to easy access. It is also a reason why the hotel is mostly booked through the better part of the year. The enterprise has large rooms with ensuite services for all packages. The staff here take time to understand customers needs, thus delivering beyond your expectations. It is a home away from home.

Mercure Elcot Park Hotel

Mercure Newbury Elcot Hotel lies on a vast piece of land approximating to sixteen acres. The land comprises of grassland, gardens, and a little bit of woodland. The view is amazing. Checking in to this hotel allows you a minute to forget about the hassles of life. The rooms are spacious, and each of them serves you to an explicit view of the outdoors. The cool breeze makes it effective to lounge outside during the sunny days.

The Lodge

The Lodge is one amazing hotel featuring a sun terrace, unlike many others. The area has a bar and hotel equipped with all types of professionals to make the commodities to your liking. The services run on a 24 hours basis making it an open haven whenever you require accommodation. The place is clean all through, and the staff is hospitable. Management at this hotel regards highly their guest’s security hence the availability of numerous security cameras all over the premises. Additionally, there is a free and vast parking area for vehicles and motorbikes. Nevertheless, the pricing is affordable, and you will get value for what you spend.

The hotels, as mentioned above, are all unique in different types of ways. While you endeavour to get comfort, each of the management has a different way of offering services to ensure you get the best of your stay in Newbury.