When we deal with your move or carpet cleaning you won’t be allowed inside your property. For obvious reasons as we need to get the job done! So why not check out what Swindon has to offer, even if you’re a local! Carpet cleaning Swindon is our job, you can relax while we work!

As you know what they say, right? You never travel close to home as “it’s always there just around the corner”. So why not take this opportunity to do some sightseeing. But first some history!

The History of Swindon

The history of Swindon dates back to the 19th century when Swindon was a small town used for barter trading originally known as Old Town. Swindon is located in the middle of Bristol and London so that is how it became a popular resting spot for traders. Today Swindon has grow into a large town that is home to rough 200,000 people since the Industrial Revolution hit England.

Sightseeing in Swindon

Swindon combines traditional England by allowing you to stroll through courtyards, museums, and stepping into a old pub while also doing shopping in modern complexes in the middle of town.

Museum of the Great Western Railway

Housed in a Grade II railway building that has been restored the Museum of the Great Western Railway was the original railway station to service Swindon. Today it is a tourist attraction for locals and foreigners alike. Stroll through the station and learn about the men and women who built the station and helped keep it alive in the days of steam engines.

Stanton Park

Like outdoor spaces to stroll through that are relaxing? Then Stanton Park might be for you! The park is a massive 74 hectare local nature reserve that is only a short drive from the centre of Swindon. Go for a walk through the woodlands or around the lake. Pack lunch and leave your phones in the car and be prepared for a relaxing few hours at the park.

Museum of Computing

Do you love the history of technology? You might want to check out the Museum of Computing in Swindon that houses computing history from the last few decades. It’s a great place to take the kids for a lesson in appreciation. Show them that the smart phone they take for granted that is really quite a powerful computer in their pocket is not what a phone always used to be. Show them the old computers that used to be the size of a car!

Swindon’s Escape Rooms

Swindon is home to three different escape rooms. Not a fan of history and typical tourist activities? Then maybe this is the thing for you! Combo the excitement for an escape room, or three, in the morning! With a nice relaxing wander in Stanton Park in the afternoon. The tree escape rooms in Swindon are called Incarcerated, Clue HQ and Co-Decode Live. Are you up for the adventure? Do you think you can escape?

Roves Farm

And last but not least is Roves Farm. A great place to take the kids! With activities running all day you can finally have some time out and relax. Roves Farm is the type of place that allows animal contact so your kids can pat animals and play with them. They can feed them and even get photos taken with to show their friends. Your kids will leave with nothing but smiles on their faces. Being a farm it’s not located right in Swindon for obvious reasons. But don’t worry! Roves Farm is only a few miles out of town so a quick drive.

We hope this has been of help. There are many things to do in Swindon while we take care of your carpet cleaning or removals in Swindon. Don’t think for a moment that when you can’t get into your property for a few hours that means you have to wait out the front. Swindon has lots to offer that you may never partake in if we didn’t suggest it.