Granted pretty much everyone in the UK knows what we mean when we talk about a man with a van, but do they all know where the term actually came from? Probably not! Since we are proud to be at the forefront with our man with a van service, we figured it should be up to us to let you know exactly where that age-old term came from.

Let’s just get one thing over with at the outset, we know the expression can be a bit of a touchy one since when it was first coined women were not driving vans. It was The Times newspaper that first coined the expression way back in 1876, the paper read as follows, “The practice of the firm was to send to customers a man with a van”.

Here is something that is even more fascinating though. The actual word van was added to the English dictionary in 1829,. Think for a moment how you would describe what the term van means, likely you are thinking of something like a relatively medium size vehicle, usually without windows at the back, right? Well, you are as far away as East to West from what the original dictionary meaning of van was described as! Here come a few of the expressions found in the description; “a covered vehicle” the use was noted as being “conveyance of goods” and as far as the exterior description goes it was described as looking like a “wooden box” that had a roof which was “arched”. Relating to the door it said it had an “opening from behind”. Yes, you are right, it is unbelievably far away from what you were thinking!

A lot has happened since the 1800s and the world of man and van services has come on leaps and bounds, especially in cities where fewer people tend to own their own vehicle. In fact, later years saw a new expression coined ‘white man van’, we’re sure you have heard of this one plenty! The term white van man tends to not only include removal services but also a broader term for tradesmen in general, including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and the likes. Don’t quote us on this but it has been said that one of the BBC’s employees once said that a white van man was “a working-class male” who engaged in a type of “manual labour” the description also included such a person being a tabloid reader and a lover of the traditional English Breakfast!

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