Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Do You Arrive?

We will arrive between 9.30 am and 10.30 am. We will notify you about the exact time of our arrival in advance.

Do I Have To Be There During Cleaning

No. You just need to let our team in.

Do You Move Furniture?

We move small furniture like bedside units, small tables, chairs etc.

We do not move large items like sofas, wardrobes etc.

How Long Does The Cleaning Take?

Approximately 30 min – 60 min per room depending on carpets condition.

What Method Of Cleaning You Provide And How Long It Takes For Carpets To Dry?

Depending on your carpets fiber lenght and structure we use:

1. Steam Carpet Cleaning (Takes around 4 – 8 hours to dry)

2. Dry Carpet Cleaning (Takes around 1 – 2 hours to dry)

Do I Get A Receipt?

Yes. A receipt will be issues once the work has been completed.

Do I Pay Extra For Stain Removal?

No. Stain removal is included in your quote.

Do You Provide Flea Treatment (After Pet Cleaning)?

Yes. Flea Treatment (After Pet Cleaning) is included in your quote.

Booking & Payment

We collect 50% deposit upfront to guarantee our availability on the day.

The remaining 50% is payable right after the work has been completed.