You may think that you keep your carpet very clean, and in terms of day to day maintenance, you could be right. However, if you’re noticing small stains, or discolouration in heavy foot traffic areas, you might be considering hiring a specialist carpet cleaner to do the job yourself. However, you’re still unlikely to get the best out of it. Here’s our step by step process for getting your carpet professionally clean when you search on carpet cleaning Swindon.

Carpet Cleaning Swindon

Our thorough and comprehensive process:

1. Pre-inspection

We give your carpet a thorough going over by eye before we start work. There might be stains or areas that we need to give special attention to. Plus, we need to ascertain what your carpet is made of, and what materials will work best when cleaning it.

2. Furniture moving

Rather than dragging your furniture out of the way, we use specialist furniture glides to prevent damage or tears to your carpet. These are something you wouldn’t necessarily have access to, and they’ll save you putting your back out as our staff are trained in moving heavy objects safely.

3. Pre-vacuum

Your domestic cleaner might be powerful, but our commercial vacuum will remove bonded insoluble dirt that it can’t touch. That’s the dirt deep down in the pile that gives even the most cared-for carpet with domestic cleaners that slightly grubby appearance.

4. Is your carpet colour-fast?

You might also be tempted to get cleaning solutions billed as ‘professional’ off the internet to clean your carpet with. However, different carpets need different cleaners, and you could find that you end up with discoloured patches if you do this yourself. We test all solutions before application, to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your carpet.

5. Pre-spot clean

If you’ve been using the footstool to cover up that coffee stain for some time, we’ll pre-treat the area with a special solution which improves our chances of removing the stain for good. We’ll also work at pet stains, and areas of heavy soil which have caused staining before the full clean.

6. Pre-treatment

We also use a non-toxic detergent on the heavy traffic areas and other stains before we start the full clean.

Carpet Cleaning Swindon

7. Pre-groom

Our special rotary cleaning machine will further loosen the dirt in heavy traffic areas. We’ll shortly get on to the actual clean!

8. Extract and rinse

Our professional dirt extractor is one of the most powerful available. You’ll only get these with professional carpet cleaning companies like ours.

9. Post-spot treatment

If those stubborn stains are still there, we’ll have another go at them after the full cleaning process. Our speciality techniques should shift them for you.

10. Protector and deodoriser

After the cleaning process is finished, we’ll apply a carpet deodoriser and protector which will not only keep your carpet clean for longer, but will leave it with a fresh fragrance.

11. Post-groom

This brings your carpet back to a nice even finish that makes it look like new again.

12. Inspection

We’ll give your carpet the final once-over to check that it’s spotless, and that you, the customer, are 100% happy with the results. Once you are we’ll ask you to leave feedback either on Checkatrade or Google.

These are the 12 steps to a carpet that looks brand new again that you will only get with a professional company. Still searching on carpet cleaning Swindon?. Don’t forget we offer a discount when you book carpet cleaning Swindon with End of Tenancy Cleaning. Call us today and get a free quote.